Ceramics Portfolio Production
Senior Thesis

Course Description
This studio course allows the advanced ceramics student the opportunity to develop a coherent body of work for their Senior Thesis. Working in conjunction with their teacher students will develop the conceptual framework for a body of work, plan the schedule of its execution, and install the work for final critique and exhibition

Course Objectives
  1. 1. to develop skills to coherently join a conceptual framework with planning and execution of a successful body of art work
  2. 2. increase proficiency at writing about ones work
  3. 3. to develop the time management skills to plan a creative projects and execute it within a finite schedule
Course Requirements
  1. 1. Contract: Write a coherent contract discussing your work and your goals for your finished work. This must include ideas, inspiration, and a specific description of the work you plan to complete. It may also include drawings, pictures, and any thing else you choose to include.
  2. 2. Paper: Write a 3 page paper outlining the theoretical basis, influences and inspiration that is the basis for this body of work. This is due at the end of the year.
  3. 3. Meet with instructor once weekly for the duration of the year: be prepared to discuss a particular topic and completing the weekly tasks/assignments given to you by your teacher.
  4. 4. Complete a cohesive body of work: 18 COLLEGE QUALITY pieces.
  5. 5. Make a weekly timeline for the year and adhere to it. Pay attention to the timeline and keep careful notes of how you met the weekly goals.

Summer Homework

Please click on or copy and paste the link and review the images for the quality of work that is being expected.

Weekly Log

Scoring Rubric